• Kharakhola 2 ISP_Rolpa

  • CIP Steering Committee & ADB MTR Wrap up Meeting

  • Luham Small Irrigation Sub Project, Tribeni-7, Salyan

  • Hanumanpur ISP, Purandhara , Dang

  • Machhikhola Irrigation Sub Project, Jhenam-2, Rolpa

  • Inauguration Ceremony of Construction Supervision and QC for CIP Sub Engineer

Welcome To CIP

The Community Irrigation Project will develop or improve small scale irrigation systems in 12 districts in Nepal through community-driven process targeted to the rural poor, women and other disadvantaged groups (DAGs). Small irrigation systems are defined as systems having less than 25 hectares of irrigation area in the hills and mountains and less than 200 hectares in the terai plains.


Stakeholder’s View

Community Irrigation Project of DoLIDAR constructed the structure with local community participation. Beneficiaries are very happy in having the better irrigation facilities.


CIP Districts